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Your opinion is important to us.  It helps us plan our future direction.  It's not only consumers of our services, but also people connected to our consumers.  You all have a significant role in the shaping of our Health Service.

* 1. What did you think of the information in the Community Matters report?

* 2. What did you think of the presentation of the Community Matters report?

* 3. What did you think of the length of the Community Matters report?

* 4. What did you think of the style of the Community Matters report?

* 5. Has your knowledge of services at EGHS increased?

* 6. Are you interested in receiving further information on consumer participation at EGHS?

* 7. Is there any information you would like to read about in future Community Matters reports?

* 8. Have you any suggestions on how we can improve the report?

Thank you for taking time to complete this survey.  We do value your feedback.

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