Arlington - East Falls Church Area Survey

With I-66 about to be tolled and widened our civic area and surrounding areas have a great deal to gain and or/lose.  We need to hear your concerns and desires.  Please complete this survey as we work to create a Arlington - East Falls Church I-66 "Gateway" vision to help our community work with the county and VDOT. Our community needs a safe and viable transportation plan to help us realize our area plan to create a livable and vibrant community for AEFCCA residents.

* 1. Check top three areas most important to you

* 2. How congested is the traffic in your neighborhood?

* 3. Rate Traffic/Congestion Level on the Below Streets

  Extremely Congested Slightly Congested Not Congested
Lee Highway/Sycamore
Washington Blvd/Sycamore
Washington Blvd/Lee Highway
Fairfax Drive/Lee Highway
26th Street/Tuckahoe
Westmoreland/Lee Highway

* 4. In a typical week, which of the following forms of transportation do you use? (Check all that apply)

* 5. Check all that apply in regards to your thoughts on the pending I-66 tolling and widening

* 6. Are you interested in an over I-66 deck with open space & layered decks to connect the AEFCCA neighborhood? (Think something like Gateway park in Rosslyn though multi-level)

* 7. What amenities would you find important in an multi-level I-66 deck to provide our neighborhood?

  Very interested Somewhat interested Not interested
Pedestrian/bike connector to retail, metro, bike trail and Tuckahoe Elementary
Park & recreation area
Tennis courts
Short term parking (under)
Commuter parking (under)
Bus Loading/unloading transfers (under)

* 8. Do you feel safe walking and biking within the AEFCCA area in regards to traffic safety?

* 9. In regards to bike and walking trails rate areas of importance to you

  Very important Important Neither important nor unimportant Unimportant Very unimportant
Better access to Four Mile and W&OD trails
Improved bike/pedestrian access across Lee Highway West bound to Westmoreland retail and Falls Church commercial
Regrade of Cutis Trail to road level extended to Sycamore
Capital Bike Share stations
Need of more sidewalks to connect neighborhoods to main roads

* 10. Please provide your contact details