Student Satisfaction Survey - ACD

* Please indicate the ICTC campus you attended.

* What was your purpose in attending a short-term class at ICTC?

* What short-term course did you take at this campus?

* Who was your instructor?

* Please rate your instructor on the following:

  No Opinion Highly Disagree Disagree Agree Highly Agree
My instructor was well prepared for each class.
My instructor communicated the subject well and explained topics clearly.
My instructor was always in class and on time.
My instructor treated students with respect.

* Please rate your class on the following:

  No opinion Strongly Disagree Disagree Agree Strongly Agree
The number of class meetings and course length was appropriate for this course.
The time of day this class met worked well for my work and home schedule.
My class was challenging and provided me a positive learning experience.

* Please rate your other experiences/interactions with ICTC.

  No opinion Highly Disagree Disagree Agree Highly Agree
Knowledge and willingness of ICTC staff to answer questions about this class.
Enrollment process
Cleanliness of facilities
Overall customer service