* 1. Sign up to be part of the iMatter Youth Council, receive email updates, and take action!

* 2. How old are you and what school do you attend?

* 3. Are you concerned about the impact of climate change on your life now or in the future?

  Eh Slightly Concerned Very Concerned I am fearful for my future
Check which answer most accurately reflects your concern.

* 4. How have you been affected by climate change? Choose any that apply.

* 5. Based on your answers above, write a paragraph about how you have been affected by climate change. This is your story.

* 6. What is your vision for the way the world could/should be?

* 7. What organizations, clubs or activities are you involved with that focus on environmental issues/climate change/ or social change?

* 8. I would most like to be involved with:

For more information, please contact Valerie@kvgw.org.
Thanks for acting on behalf of your planet and your generation!