NODE Health has embarked on a project to define usability measures for digital healthcare product development. We created a list of measures and categorized them into the following 8 Guiding UX Principles of Healthcare Product Development:
  1. Follows familiar user-centered design patterns and is easy to use
  2. Provides efficiency and value for users
  3. Users are satisfied and  provided moments of delight
  4. Performs to a high level of functionality without impeding the user
  5. Provides a high level of privacy, transparency, control and security around data
  6. Provides customer support and feedback opportunities
  7. Is accessible and optimized for the special needs of its target population
  8. Is well founded in science and user research
We need YOUR help in prioritizing the list of measures that we've come up with.

Please rank the measures in each of the following 8 categories from most important (top) to least important (bottom).

Thank you for taking the time to complete this 10 minute survey. Your responses will be used to prioritize the proposed measures and to apply a weighted average to their affect on a possible NODE Health digital product scoring system.