The Board Diversity and Training Project is to enhance the ethnic diversity of area nonprofit Boards of Directors. It is to recruit, train and match potential Board members with area nonprofit organizations seeking increased diversity on their Boards of Directors.

Recruitment ‘targets’ include local businesses, cultural centers, educational institutions and faith-based organizations. Training is provided by Leadership Lincoln and the Human Services Federation with matching by Volunteer Partners.

The Project is a collaboration among the Human Services Federation, Leadership Lincoln and Volunteer Partners; funded by the Woods Charitable Fund with support from the Community Health Endowment and the Lincoln Community Foundation.

In development: The Board Bank of Lincoln is a 'virtual organization'; an electronic bulletin board, to which requests for Board members from area nonprofit organizations are posted. This Board Recruitment 'Bulletin Board' is being created for the Board Diversity and Training Project to increase ethnic diversity of local Boards of Directors and will be found at: www.volunteerpartners.org.

For information or to participate in the Board Diversity and Training Project, contact: Rick Carter: rick.carter@hsfed.org, Deane Finnegan: leadexec@aol.com or Wayne Svoboda: director@volunteerpartners.org.

DUE DATE: March 5, 2010