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Thank you for your interest in Metropolitan Planning Organizations and equity in transportation planning. This worksheet is an instrument developed as part of an ongoing project called Decide Texas, conducted by a new 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization called Farm&City. This work builds upon the Texas Transportation Equity Assessment, a crowdfunded research project that resulted in this report presented to the Texas Legislature's Sunset Commission while they were considering what they thought about the Texas Department of Transportation.

Farm&City is a tiny, startup nonprofit think tank trying to change the world and dedicated to high quality urban and rural habitat in Texas in perpetuity. If you would like to contribute to Farm&City or to this project in particular, you can do so here.

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Individual names or organizations or contact information for anyone involved in this will not be published if there is any published use of the data collected from this. However, I would like to know who filled out each survey response to allow for any follow up questions, reporting results back to you, and collaboration among all those contributing to this project. In the event that we all work together to make an amazing report and you wish to have your name credited, that will be your choice in the future.