Community Survey

The Norristown Police Department leadership will once again be conducting a leadership summit to discuss the current and future state of the police department. In order to facilitate discussion during the summit we are asking for your feedback. This information is anonymous and will be tabulated to be discussed during the event. A comparison of this survey with the last two year's surveys will be made and shared with the public as well. Your participation is greatly appreciated.

* 1. Please rate the Norristown Police Department in the following areas

  Poor Needs Improvement Average Above Average Excellent
Service to the community
Community Engagement
Ability to reduce violent crime
Addressing quality of life issues
Ability to reduce the fear of crime
Overall Performance

* 2. What do you feel is working for the Norristown Police Department?

* 3. Is there anything that you feel the police department can do to better serve the Norristown Community?

* 4. Please rank the following areas in order of importance to you from 1 thru 5. The survey will not let you pick the same number twice. 

* 5. Any additional feedback or issues that should be discussed at the summit?