G. Y. S. Volunteer Opportunities

Thank you for checking out some volunteer opportunities with the Guelph Youth Singers.   Please read all of the options carefully and select which tasks you may be willing to help with.   This will give our coordinators an idea as to which areas of need everyone is willing to contribute to.  You will later be contacted if your help in these areas is required.   If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask Cathy, office administrator.  She can be reached at (519) 821-8574  or   info@guelphyouthsingers.com 

* 1. Are you willing to help with a volunteer task?

* 2. Have you completed a Police Vulnerable Sector Check (P. V. S. C.)?

* 3. Which Choir is your chorister in?

* 4. Please select which of the following Fall Season Tasks you may be interested in helping with:  (Sept. - Dec.)

* 5. Please select which of the following Spring Season Tasks you may be willing to help with: (Jan - May)

* 6. Do you have another idea which you would like to help?  Please specify in the "Other" comment section below:

* 7. How may we contact you when we need help with a task?