·       Fans need to enter by Sunday, April 21st at 11:59pm

·       25 names will be selected as “semi-finalists” : they will be notified by phone and email on Monday, April 22nd.

·       The 25 persons selected as semi –finalists  will be asked to attend the Papa John’s Suite at Sam Houston Race Park on the night of the drawing (Friday, April 26th at 7pm).

·       Attendance is required for participation in the drawing

·       Each semi- finalist is permitted to bring one guest.

·       Upon entry into the suite, each semi- finalist will fill out a card with their name to go into a drawing.

·       The drawing will take place in the suite on the night of the event

·       Of the names drawn (approximately 7-10 names) , each will become a “finalist”

·       The number/order each finalist is called will correspond with the number of a horse in a race of Sam Houston Race Park’s choosing.

·       For example—the first finalist drawn will be representing the 1 horse in the particular race

·       The numbers of all the finalists will equate to all the numbers of horses in a specific race of Sam Houston Race Parks choosing.

·       Upon being selected as a finalist you will be given your horse number and notified of which race the contest will take place in.

·       The winning horse of the specified race who’s number corresponds to a certain finalists order they were drawn --  will be the winning finalist of the Pizza for a year promotion by Papa Johns Pizza.

·       If a finalists horse is “scratched” from the race before it is ran—that finalist will not be eligible for the pizza for a year promotion any longer. However, Sam Houston Race Park will provide this finalist with a consolation prize of some sort.

·       Semi- Finalists whose names are not drawn will not receive a prize other than attendance of the suite that night

·       Finalists whose horse does not win the race designated as the pizza for a year promotional race, will not receive a prize other than attendance in the suite that night.


·      No purchase necessary for entry

·      Selection as a Semi-Finalist does not represent a redeemable cash value

·      Only 1 person per entry

·      Semi-Finalists must be in attendance at Sam Houston Race Park on the night of Friday, April 26th in order to be selected as a finalist

·      All winners will be selected at random by Sam Houston Race Park & Papa John’s

·      Entry required by 11:59pm on Sunday, April 21st

·      Failure to abide by rules and regulations may result in disqualification

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