One Teacher of the Year from each elementary school, and two Teachers of the Year from both the middle and high school will be selected during the 2017-2018 school year.

* 1. Name of Nominee:

* 2. Nominee's School:

* 3. Current Teaching Position:

* 4. Nominator:

* 5. Nominator's Email:

* 6. Relationship to Nominee:

* 7. The mission of the Logan City School District is to ensure that all students leave our schools ready to create a positive future for themselves and their community.  Please describe how this educator has promoted this mission. (100 words or less)

* 8. Provide an example of how this educator inspires students of all backgrounds and abilities to learn. (100 words or less)

* 9. Please describe this educator's leadership efforts on behalf of the school, students, and/or colleagues. (100 words or less)

* 10. How does this educator promote collaboration and team effort? (100 words or less)