Surveying Molecular Testing Practices for Gliomas in Canadian Cancer Centers

Principal Investigator:
Dr. Andra Krauze, Radiation Oncologist, BC Cancer

Dr. Stephen Yip, Neuropathologist, BC Cancer
Dr. Adrian Levine, UBC Neuropathology
Shwetha Suresh, UBC Medical Student 

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Molecular testing is increasingly becoming a critical tool in the diagnosis and management of gliomas. Considering the rapid evolution of these techniques and continually emerging evidence, we suspect there exist disparities in the usage of molecular testing from one region to another. Thus, we are surveying the diagnostic practices for gliomas in Canada to better understand the resources and limitations in implementing molecular testing. We hope that the data we gather will better enable us to provide a higher standard of care to glioma patients and inform neuro-oncology guidelines going forward.

We invite all Canadian medical professionals practicing in neuro-oncology to participate. Participation in this survey is entirely voluntary. Your responses are anonymous and no personal information will be collected.

The survey should take no more than 5 minutes to complete. We thank you in advance for your time.

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* 1. I have read and understand the purpose of this survey and consent to the use of my responses to understand molecular testing practices in Canada. I understand that my responses are anonymous and no personal information will be collected. 

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