Development Services

In a effort to better serve you, please take a moment to rate your recent experience with Development Services.

* 1. Your first contact with Development Services was by:

* 2. How well did your Project Manager handle your submittal?

* 3. Development Services staff responded to me in a timely manner(e.g., e-mails and phone calls returned within 24 hours).

* 4. Development Services staff gave me complete and consistent answers regarding my project.

* 5. If corrections were required, were the requirements (or instructions) straight forward and clear?

* 6. Project approval was performed in a timely manner:

* 7. What were the positive aspects of the process that made it a good experience for you?

* 8. What, if anything, made this a less than positive experience for you?

* 9. Do you have any other comments or suggestions that would help us improve our services? (you may also use this section to make other comments as well).

* 10. Are you aware of our on-line services?

* 11. Overall, how satisfied are you with Development Services?

* 12. Would you like someone from Development Services to follow up or contact you to discuss?