* 1. Newport News Disc Golf Club holds events and represents the disc golf community not only in Newport News, but in the surrounding areas. For this reason, a new club name is being considered which is disassociated with a single city or course. Please indicate your preference and thought on a new club name including recommendations for a new club name. Results from this survey will be discussed and a name change decision will be voted on at club meetings in January or February 2014.

* 2. Here are some of the Ideas for a new Club name. Which one do you like? We will take the top three voted names and then we will come to a decision as a club for the coming of the new name change. If you think we should keep the same name, please select "Newport News Disc Golf Club".

* 3. What a great year we had for Disc Golf! Please provide comments or feedback regarding the events hosted by NNDGC you attended in 2013, (what you liked/what we can improve on for 2014).

* 4. What type of activities or events would you like to see in 2014? Please provide any other comments, suggestions or recommendations for 2014.

* 5. What type of club membership format would you prefer for 2014? Note: club apparel will be available for purchase independently of club membership dues.

* 6. If you are a 2013 club member or plan to become a club member in 2014, how would you like to see the club dues be used to benefit club members?

* 7. If you play In the Open (Professional) division during the Tuesday weekly, do you want to see an increased entry to increase payout?

* 8. Are you or your business interested in sponsoring a 2014 club event? Sponsorships small or large of monetary or merchandise donations are welcome. If yes, please provide your e-mail address and we will contact you about sponsorship opportunities.

* 9. Feel free to provide your name, city, and e-mail address (not required)

* 10. Any questions or concerns about the club or its functions, Please place below in the comment section. These answers and comments will only be viewed by the board of the Newport News Disc Golf Club. Thank you for your time and support.

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