* 1. Workshop guidelines are as follows:

1. Proposals must relate to this year's theme: Rise Up! Restore the Dream!
2. If you propose a workshop, you must commit to participation if your proposal is accepted.
3. The facilitator of the workshop is responsible for organizing the workshop, confirming the speakers, chairing the workshop, circulating the sign-in list during the workshop, and returning the sign-in list to MLK Celebration Committee organizers.
4. Facilitators and panelists must check in at Garfield High School at 9:00 AM.
5. The Workshop Subcommittee may combine similar workshop proposals and ask those who made the proposals to work together.
6. Workshop speaker panels must represent more than one organization. Typically, workshops feature 2-3 speakers and leave at least 30-45 minutes for discussion.
7. Workshops will not be considered unless a written proposal is submitted.

I have read and understand the guidelines.

* 2. Name of Proposer:

* 3. Contact information:

* 4. Facilitator/Moderator:

* 5. Proposed Workshop Title:

* 6. Description of workshop and how it relates to the theme: Rise Up! Restore the Dream!

* 7. Proposed workshop panelists (a minimum of at least two panelists):