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Thank you in advance for taking the time to share your perspective on the search for the next Vice Provost of Inclusive Excellence and Curricular Innovation at the University of San Francisco.

The Vice Provost for Inclusive Excellence and Curricular Innovation (VPIECI) provides vision and leadership to foster student success, assess and achieve equitable student outcomes, and ensure the relevance, continual evolution and mission-alignment of the University’s academic programs. The VPIECI ensures the integrity of the USF degree and the quality and consistency of all academic programs, guided by the USF Jesuit mission and the standards and policies from the Department of Education and regional and professional accrediting bodies. The VPIECI oversees the Office of Assessment and Accreditation Support and the Office of Institutional Research and Analysis, and works to promote a data-informed approach to student success and retention. The VPIECI partners with deans, the Provost’s team, and campus stakeholders to foster a climate of assessment, continual improvement and innovation, promoting cross-campus collaborations and strategic initiatives that advance equitable student outcomes and inclusive excellence. The VPIECI leads efforts to ensure the academic and inclusive excellence and fiscal viability of the University’s academic programs, working with the schools/college to enhance the infusion of diverse, global and social justice perspectives throughout the curriculum and to monitor and improve equity in student learning outcomes.
The VPIECI  partners with the provost’s team, deans, Strategic Plan Implementation working groups and other campus stakeholders to ensure progress toward Strategic Plan goals in relation to equitable student outcomes, retention and academic program innovation. The VPIECI  promotes curricular innovation that is responsive to student demand and the changing nature of work and life-long development, and that addresses pressing social and environmental challenges while advancing the University’s mission. The VPIECI supports the Provost, deans, and faculty in all areas of curriculum development, review, and approval, ensuring the integrity and efficiency of curricular change approval processes. The VPIECI works closely with the University Registrar to ensure the integrity of the University Catalog and the creation and implementation of academic policies.

The VPIECI leads and partners on efforts to improve the holistic return on investment on a USF education, and the quality and rankings of USF’s academic programs, and reports evidence of student learning and post-graduation outcomes to multiple stakeholders. The VPIECI oversees the University’s distributed campuses in Sacramento, Orange County and other sites beyond the Hilltop and manages the University’s summer academic programming.
The VPIECI serves as a member of a dynamic and cohesive provost’s leadership team, and is a member of the Provost Circle and President’s Leadership Team. The VPIECI serves as part of a team of support personnel to the Board of Trustees Academic Affairs Subcommittee and provides reports to the President’s Cabinet as needed. The VPIECI is guided in their work by the University’s mission and Jesuit values. The incumbent will lead with creativity, dynamism, integrity, engagement, sound judgment, wisdom and energy, engendering a collective team approach.

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* 1. What are the most important agenda items for the Vice Provost of Inclusive Excellence and Curricular Innovation? What would you like the new Vice Provost to accomplish in the next 12-24 months?

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* 2. What do you see as the most important qualifications, experiences and qualities of the Vice Provost of Inclusive Excellence and Curricular Innovation?

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* 3. What is distinctive about the University of San Francisco that should be emphasized to candidates?

If you have additional suggestions or nominations, please email them to:

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* 4. What is your primary affiliation with the University of San Francisco?

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