1. The Citywide District 75 Council Busing Survey

the Citywide District 75 council would like your input on Busing Issues that affect your child. This survey will be used to asses your opinions of the NYC Department of Education's Yellow Bus Service. Please take a moment to fill out the survey. Because this is the online version, there is now need to send or email the survey to your child's Parent Coordinator.

* 1. Please enter the following information:

* 2. Please answer the following questions

  Yes No
Is there a specific mandated service for transportation on your child's I.E.P.?
If yes, has the bus company complied with the mandated requirements at the start of the school year?
If no, is this a recurring issue each year?
Have you called the Office of Pupil Transportation (OPT) regarding a busing issue this year?

* 3. Please answer the following question:

  1-5 5-8 8 or more
How many times did you have to call OPT before your child's issue was resolved?

* 4. Were the OPT Customer Service Representatives polite?

* 5. Please answer the following question:

  Yes No
Were you advised to use your original confirmation number for follow up calls?
While speaking to the operator for OPT did they inform you of the process and to keep your confirmation number to use as a reference until the busing issue was resolved?
On average, does your child's bus arrive on schedule?

* 6. If no, approximately how many times has the bus arrived later than twenty (20) minutes?

* 7. If the bus was extremely late, did you receive a call from the bus company?

* 8. Approximately how long is your child's bus ride TO school?

* 9. Approximately how long is your child's bus ride FROM school?

* 10. How many students are picked up before your child?

* 11. What's the longest amount of time your child spent on a bus?

* 12. Please answer the following questions:

  Yes No
Does your child have behavior issues that may cause the problems on the bus?
If yes, was it handled properly by the escort/bus driver?

* 13. If no, please explain:

* 14. Please answer the follow questions:

  Yes No
When you called the bus company did you speak to someone on staff at the company?
When speaking to the driver or escort, was there a communication problem/language barrier/lack of understanding?
Was the driver/escort polite to you?

* 15. If no, please explain:

* 16. Is the driver/escort respectful to your child?

* 17. If no, please explain:

* 18. Was the issue brought to the bus company and resolved in a timely manner?

* 19. If no, how long did it take to correct the problem? How many DAYS? WEEKS? MONTHS?

* 20. Does your child travel on a bus with age appropriate children?

* 21. If no, please provide us with the age range.

* 22. If no, did you get this problem solved?

* 23. Please check as many that apply.

  Late for work Late for school Reprimand for tardiness Miss work days Loss of employment Had to reschedule appointments
Have you had any personal hardship due to busing issues?

* 24. If there were other hardships please comment.

* 25. Do you think the mandated two (2) hour training offered by New York State is sufficient for training?

* 26. What can OPT or the Bus Companies do to make your child's travel experience better?

* 27. Is there anything else you would like to add? If so, please explain.