Please give us your feedback on the issues that you think are important for Arthritis New Zealand.

* 1. These are some of the issues people have raised with us. Can you select the 3 that you think are most important for Arthritis New Zealand to focus on?

* 2. Are there other issues you would like to see Arthritis New Zealand focus on?

* 3. 2017 is an election year. What would you be willing to do with us to bring arthritis issues to the attention of politicians?

* 4. Tell us about you. What is your age group?

* 5. What is your diagnosis?

* 6. Are you

* 7. One of our needs is to have a pool of people available to tell their stories about living with arthritis. Would you be interested in telling your story and attending training?

* 8. If you are interested in joining our 2017 election work please leave your e mail and postal address.

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