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About the DEI Ambassador Program

Purpose of the Program:
The Association for Animal Welfare Advancement (The Association) is committed to building the capacity of its members to foster diversity, equity, and inclusion in the animal welfare profession. This program is intended to provide dedicated animal welfare professionals with the skills and tools to lead DEI dialogues and learning activities. 

This program is cohort-based, bringing together a select group of participants to learn with and from each other as a community. Participants will gain knowledge and awareness of the importance of DEI in animal welfare, and skills for presenting on DEI to colleagues in the field and navigating challenging conversations.

Ambassadors will receive learning resources and facilitation guides customized to address the specific DEI needs of the field identified in the 2021 State of DEI in Animal Welfare Audit. Participants will help their animal welfare organizations continue to serve as leaders of DEI in the animal welfare community overall, and chart the course for other AWOs to follow.

  • Deepen knowledge and skills related to DEI and animal welfare.
  • Develop skills for leading trainings or presentations on DEI.
  • Learn tools for facilitating challenging classroom situations.
  • Practice leading DEI conversations and training activities for animal welfare workforce.
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