Stillwater Community! We are requesting your input. In the past few years our fundraising partnership with the PTSA has been very successful thanks to your support. Working together we have been able to replace damaged playground pieces, purchase new standalone playground pieces and provide the staff at Stillwater the opportunity to apply for grants for items needed to enhance our students educational experience. Now we want our community members feedback, what are some things you want us to focus on now? We have a few options below, but you can also choose "Other" and write-in your suggestion if it's not already listed.

Question Title

* 1. What area or project at Stillwater do you think we should focus on next?

*Stillwater PTSA has granted over $55,000 to the school and staff in the last 3 years. To replace the large playground structure it will cost over $50,000 (estimate only at this point-more bids and price comparisons would have to be done). In order to fundraise that amount in a few years vs many years, we would have to greatly reduce the amount of funds available for staff grants.

 Side note: did you know that anyone can submit an idea, event or project for the PTSA to consider by filling out a planning form?