Important Information

Documents needed
  1. Your updated resume/ CV
  2. A National Police Clearance certificate obtained within the last 6 months. 
  3. Certificate of English proficiency (IELTS or equivalent). - Need not be current.
  4. Your Australian Visa/Citizenship Certificate

Mentee Eligibility
To be connected with a mentor, you need to:
  1. be the City of Stirling resident
  2. Must be a secondary-visa holder (spouse or de facto partner)
  3. have a minimum post-secondary education equivalent to a diploma or degree
  4. have a minimum of two years of international work experience in your profession
  5. are ‘job-ready – this means you are ready to start a job in your field, in Australia, at any given time.
  6. have limited (< 1 year) or no Australian work experience in your profession/industry
  7. are currently unemployed or underemployed (i.e. not working in your field of expertise)
  8. have full work rights with no time restrictions in Australia
  9. have lived in Australia for ten years or less
  10. have the Competent English language to perform effectively in the workplace in your field. (For details on the requirements through alternative test results, please see Department of Home Affairs.)
  11. have obtained a National Police Clearance within the past six months. If you do not have a police clearance, we can apply for one on your behalf. Please arrange your 100 point ID check.
Mentee suitability
As a skilled newcomer professional, you need to:
  1. be actively seeking work in your qualification field
  2. have current core skills required to work in your professional role
  3. be able to commit to working with a mentor for 30 hours over 3 months.
Mentee readiness
To show your job-readiness, you will need to show you have:
  1. Job search skills: an Australian-standard updated resume, knowledge of interview skills, basic networking skills
  2. Appropriate supports: e.g. transportation, childcare or other supports required to start a suitable employment
  3. Appropriate attitude: openness to receive and act on constructive advice and willingness to try new approaches to job searching. 
Time Commitment
30 hours (minimum) over 3 months = 18 hours of mentoring + 2 hours each of Orientation Session, Cultural Competency and Graduation Ceremony + 1 hour of completing Session Logs + 5 hours of preparing for your meetings.

Rangoli-KMP 2020 Cycle 1 Timeline
  • 6 Dec 2019: Mentee/Mentor applications close
  • 17 Dec 2019: Communicate the matches to the mentors/mentees
  • 20 Dec 2019: Confirm all mentee/mentor matches
  • 6 Feb 2020: KMP 2020 Cycle 1 starts - Orientation Session
  • 7 May 2020: KMP 2020 Cycle 1 ends - Graduation Ceremony

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* 1. I've read and understood the Important Information above.