Telling your stories


Use this form to frame your library stories based on Jamie Larue's five factors. We will post it on our advocacy site with your permission (NOTE: Stories will not automatically appear on the site after submission; please allow 3-4 days for your story to be uploaded). Our goal is to use this site when advocating for NC libraries both statewide and nationally.

We need your stories!!

* 1. What primary congressional district is your library in?

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* 2. So we can properly categorize your story, please let us know:

* 3. According to Jamie Larue (2011), telling an excellent library story entails five elements. Please use fictitious names unless you have explicit permission to use them publicly.

Element 1: Give me a person - You need a specific name of a person (not a general group) or people.

Please describe who your story is about and provide a really brief description of who they are.

* 4. Element 2: Give me a problem - What is the problem the library helps solve for this individual/individuals?

* 5. Element 3: Give me an intervention - How did the library help solve this problem for the individual/individuals?

* 6. Element 4: Give me a happy ending - What is the positive ending (be as specific as possible not just "they lived happily ever after")?

* 7. Element 5: Give me a way to remember this - What is the tag line (which ONE applies best) for your story? Give your story a title in the field below (optional).