Meal Plan/Tutoring Questionnaire

The meals prepared for you are 80-100% organic, depending on availability. We cook seasonal, and ask that you either compost our biodegradable containers, or return the non-compostable containers you receive, so we can sanitize them properly and reuse them. The questions below help us ensure you are receiving the food best suited for your palate, so please give as much thought to the answers as possible. (Please note this is for residents of Maine as of December 2017.)

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* 1. What is your reason for a plant-based meal plan?

  Least important Most important
Weight loss
Disease prevention/treatment

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* 2.

What previous diets or detox programs have you tried, and what did you like and dislike about them?
(This helps us determine how we can make you successful on our meal plans.)

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* 3. Are you prone to snacking? If so, do you crave sweet or salty foods?
Please also list any “weaknesses” that you feel you have, with regard to food.

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* 4. How active are you/what is your current workout plan?
The types of foods in your meal plan can be adjusted, based on your activity level-the more active you are, the more fuel you need.

  Sedentary Very active
Activity level

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* 7. Do you have any food allergies/intolerances?
Please also list any health concerns you would like addressed, and we will do our best to accommodate these. Are there any foods you dislike? Some examples are olives, kale, tofu, asparagus, artichokes, beans, tempeh. Do you have intolerance for sweet, salty, or spicy foods? If so, which?

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* 8.

Delivery information
Note: Delivery times range from 4-8 pm, depending on our delivery route for that day. You will be contacted when an estimated time of delivery can be determined. 

DISCLAIMER: This information and meal plan is complimentary to any healthcare you are currently receiving, and is not meant to take the place of health care or services you may need. Please continue any medication and care that you are receiving.  Please also follow up with your Dr. for regular check-ups, to make sure all care is administered correctly, as there may be changes in things such as blood pressure, weight, etc.  These changes can positively affect the amount of care you are receiving.

* Typing your name in the section marked "digital signature" serves as your consent. Your digital signature acknowledges that you have completed this form, and are aware of all disclaimers therein.  By signing above, you acknowledge that you have read the above information, agree to continue any medical care as needed, and you release Pandora’s Lunchbox from any adverse effects you may have.  You also agree that payment is due before or on the first day of delivery, and that if you decide to cancel at any point during the week, there is a non-refundable fee of 40% that was used to plan and purchase the food for your meal plan.

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Thank you for taking the time to fill out this brief questionnaire. Your feedback helps us tailor meals to your specifications and health concerns. If you have any additional comments you would like to share with us, please do so in the space provided below.

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* 9. Additional comments