1. Introduction

In the JAMA article, "Health Industry Practices That Create Conflicts of Interest," a group of influential doctors argue that free gifts, drugs and classes that pharmaceutical and medical device makers routinely give doctors undermine good medical care. The authors also urge a ban on such gifts.

Please take a few minutes to respond to the following survey and giving us your thoughts on the degree to which various "gifts" to physicians from the pharmaceutical industry create a conflict of interest.

After finishing the survey, you will be taken to a summary review of the results to date. No open-ended results that may contain personal information of respondents will be shown.

Also, you will be given a discount code for a free download of the PMN article: Free Gifts to Physicians: What's the Big Deal?.

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* 1. In your opinion, to what degree may EACH of the following pharmaceutical industry gifts/subsidies/payments to physicians present a potential conflict of interest? Think of it this way: if you vote High Degree, you favor banning the practice; if you choose Very Low Degree, you favor continuing the practice as is. (Please check one answer per row.)

  High Degree of Conflict Moderate Degree of Conflict Neutral/Don't Know Not Much Conflict Very Low Degree of Conflict
Payment for participation in speakers bureaus
Free lunch delivered to office in exchange for sales presentation
Free provision of ghostwriting services
Payment for consulting relationships
Free meals away from the office
Pharma-supported CME (free to physicians)
Free drug samples
Grants for research projects
Payment for travel to meetings or scholarships to attend meetings
Payment for attendance at lectures and conferences

* 2. Because there are many nuances, your comments here will help explain your choices in the previous questions. Also, there may be other gifts that you wish to mention.

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