1. Directions for Faculty Permission for Student Assistants Form

Please submit a separate form for each student assistant. Submission of this permission form will hold you responsible for all student assistant requests on your behalf. If you have questions, please contact Danielle Theiss, Head of Public Services, Greenlease Library by phone 816-501-4189, by fax: 816-501-4666, or email danielle.theiss@rockhurst.edu

* 1.
Faculty First Name:

* 2. Faculty Last Name:

* 3. Faculty extension #

* 4. Student's First Name:

* 5. Student’s Last Name.

* 6. Student's Rockhurst Email:

* 7. Date of Request: Please put use MM/DD/YYYY format.

* 8. This student’s permissions will exist during these specified semesters and will not exceed one full academic year.

* 9. Faculty library card number: 100060_ _ _ _ _ _ _
This number is located at the bottom of your Rockhurst ID card. *Note it is 13 digits long.

* 10. Faculty Unique Campus ID number: _ _ _ _ _ _ RG
This number is the six digit number below your name on your Rockhurst ID card. This number is used to request books through the online catalog from other MOBIUS libraries.

* 11. The student listed above is working on my behalf and I give permission for the following (check each that apply).

* 12. Checked box means trained by library staff. Each student assistant must meet with the Head of Public Services to review the necessary procedures to request library items for you. If your student has not been trained, requests cannot be made for you.