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Dear Colleague,

We are contacting you on behalf of the European Network for Teenagers and Young Adults with Cancer (ENTYAC).

As a healthcare professional who looks after young people with cancer, please can you complete our survey?

If you are looking at this but you are a service user or you are not a healthcare professional, there is a different survey for you coming soon!

ENTYAC aims to bring together the adult oncology, paediatric oncology, haematology, nursing, social work, wider clinical communities and patient organisations across Europe. Wider co-operation, engaging organisations with many professional backgrounds, as well as healthcare professionals and researchers who are not part of a formal organisation, will be the main role of ENTYAC, which will act as a network and not a more formal organisation.

A small leadership group from multiple backgrounds and varied geographical distribution has established several specific initial goals for ENTYAC. Among those goals is a survey, to map the state of development of age-specific AYA care across Europe, in order to understand the challenges and map progress over time.

This survey has been developed by the following international professional cancer organsations: SIOP Europe, ESMO, EONS and EHA. This survey is also supported by AAA, AIDA, AjET, Aviano, BSH, Canteen EIRE, CCI-E, German Foundation for Young Adults with Cancer, Go-AJA, Kick-Cancer, PanCare, Space4AYA, Teenage Cancer Trust, TYAC,  and Youth Cancer Europe. 

We would like to thank you in advance for taking the time to complete this survey. Please feel free to forward this survey to your colleagues and contacts who may be interested. For service users and members of charities and non-governmental organisations, forgive us for not involving you in this survey - another closely related survey specifically for you will be shared soon.

Should you have queries or require further information, please send an email to:

The ENTYAC Leadership Group

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