* 1. What is a characteristic that best describes your child?

* 2. What would you like to see your child get better at to enhance their school experience?

* 3. What are you able to observe about your child's progress towards specific goals they've identified (or that you've set with them)?

* 4. What is the most useful information that your child's teacher provides  to you about your child's progress?

* 5. What are some questions you have about your child's progress between reporting periods?

* 6. Aside from letter grades, what kinds of information do you appreciate most on your child's report card?

* 7. Aside from term report cards, what are the best ways in which teachers can communicate information about your child's progress?

* 8. Which is your preferred method of communicating with your child's teacher?

* 9. Three way conferencing is a process by which, teacher, student and parent meet together to discuss progress on the learning that has taken place over a period of time.
Would you like to have three way conferences with your child and their teacher more often?

* 10. If you could plan an agenda for conferencing with your child's teacher, what topics would you include
(what questions would you hope to have answered)?

* 11. What concerns do you have about the implementation of the revised curriculum?

* 12. How familiar are you with the revised curriculum?

* 13. What is the best way to communicate information about the revised curriculum to you?

* 14. The Parent Advisory Council (PAC) does fundraising  for the benefit of children at Chaffey-Burke School. Which fundraising would you like to see again? Most favoured to least favoured

* 15. The Parent Advisory Council (PAC) organizes community events at Chaffey -Burke. Which events would you like to see again?

  Would Not like to do it again Would like to do it sometimes Would like to do them again throughout the year
Movie Night
Family Dance Night
Multicultural Dinner
Fun Fair
Family Photo Night

* 16. All parents at Chaffey-Burke are automatically member of the Parent Advisory Council (PAC). What areas of involvement are you willing to participate in for the benefit of the children and the community at Chaffey-Burke School?