Thanks for your interest in the webinar my name is Nuno Costa I work with dynamics CRM for a number of years, you can find more information about myself on my blog here having shared for the last few years technical articles on all things CRM I'm now doing a series of Free webinars on Dynamics CRM starting with CRM online and single sign-on with Azure VMs and domain federation with multi-factor authentication.

Please fill the form to register your place, a valid email is needed to send you the login details; below you find more information on what will be covered on the day. In a nutshell the webinar session will cover Azure VMs providing domain and ADFS single sign-on authentication for CRM online plus the configuration of Multi Factor authentication. Multi factor authentication is a process which helps protecting organization data enforcing two-factor user authentication.
  • Azure and office 365 portal
  • Session overview configuration steps
  • Adding a domain to Azure portal
  • Verify the domain
  • Overview of ADFS configuration and SSL certifcate configuration
  • Install & Connect to Azure powershell
  • Promote the newly added domain to federated domain.
  • Adding users to CRM online
  • Enable Multi Factor Authentication
  • Question and Answers

    If you have an on-premise Dynamics CRM instance there will be relevant information to on-premise configuration scenarios with ADFS and Azure.

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