A Night Among the Stars Community Awards Nominations

Hosted by Grandview Chamber of Commerce

Please nominate an individual, organization or business and write a few words as to why you are nominating them.  We want to hear how they have supported our community. You may submit nominations for all categories or individual awards.

Your nominations will be anonymous, but you will have the opportunity to provide your contact information if you would like to be contacted about your nomination.

A selection committee of individuals from the community will select the Honorees from the nominations and present them to the Grandview Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors for final approval. Winners will be announced at A Night Among the Stars: Annual Fundraising Auction & Community Awards Ceremony on Friday, March 10, 2023.
1.Community Development Award (Person or Organization involved in community economic development and quality of life.)
2.Orrin Dybdahl Award (Person who mentors & supports the youth of our community.)
3.Volunteer of the Year Award (Individual who has given outstanding volunteer service that has a significant impact on our community.)
4.Business of the Year Award (Recognizes a business that has made a significant contribution to the economic health of our community including: financial contributions, business growth, sound or innovative business practices, community service and customer service.)
5.Pioneer Legacy Award (Recognizes the life-long commitment of an individual who invests in Grandview and the surrounding communities of Yakima Valley.  This individual exemplifies the legacy of giving to our communities in every notable way for 25 years or more.)
6.Person of the Year Award (Individual who has influenced our community in the best ways.  Exemplifies the best qualities of Grandview while giving their all to the future of our community through volunteering, giving, advocating and other notable factors.  The winner will serve as the Grandview Community Parade Grand Marshal in 2023.)
7.Please provide your contact information (full name, email address & phone number). We may contact you regarding your nomination if we have any questions. (This is not required.)