Think Tank: Adopting tech - how is the workplace and facilities management sector doing?

Think Tank: Adopting tech – how is the workplace and facilities management sector doing?

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* 1. At the recent IWFM Conference, Heather Carey, deputy director at the Work Foundation – a consultancy on the future of work - said that the UK's productivity problem was partly due to the lack of effective adoption of technology.

"innovation diffusion in the UK is not great,” said Carey. “We have people that lag behind and there are more laggards in our economy than other countries". 

It’s the case with all sorts of software usage, she said - purchasing software, enterprise resource planning, software for people management, software for managing client relationships…

Technology and innovation consultant, Anthony Slumbers, has also recently remarked that computer processing power and technological infrastructure was increasing "at an exponential rate" and "anything structured, repeatable or predictable will soon be automated" - highlighting the need for a more sophisticated attitude towards technology adoption. 

So, where does facilities management stand in all this? In this month's Think Tank we’re asking if FM service in your sector is using computer-aided facility management (CAFM) and other technology effectively and successfully? Is there sufficient integration? Are you seeing genuine performance benefits? If yes, how? And if not, why not? 

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