Hello Downtown Businesses & Organizations!
There's a new downtown app being beta tested in Concord - "Distrx - Mobile Marketing for Main Streets"

Distrx is a fabulous new app for you to boost your mobile marketing and gain fans and customers! Distrx is a mobile app for Android and iOS that was developed specifically for downtowns like Concord's - and it just may be the one mobile marketing solution you've been looking for.
More information:
COMPLETE THIS FORM TO SIGN UP FOR THE BETA TEST. There is no cost to participate in the beta test. Starting July 1, participating organizations will have the option of continuing for $10/month.

CONTACT: Liza Poinier or Susan Sokul at Intown Concord, 603-226-2150

* 1. Please read carefully and check ALL 5 boxes to indicate an understanding of the agreement between your organization and Distrx:

* 2. Name any or all shopping or related apps your organization uses (e.g. Adored)

* 3. Check the social media tools that your organization regularly uses:

* 4. Organization name for Distrx listing:

* 5. Category of business/organization for listing:

* 6. First & last names (point person/responsible party – one per organization, please):

* 7. Primary e-mail address:

* 8. Street address for listing:

* 9. Tel. # for listing:

* 10. Website for listing:

* 11. Facebook page (if app.):

* 12. Thank you for participating in the Distrx Beta Test. If you have any comments or questions, use this space (optional). We (Intown Concord & Distrx) will get back to you with installation info by June 1. Please double-check your contact info - and if you're done, click "done" at the bottom of this page, and that's it. Cheers :)