*Paper copies of this survey are available at our Municipal Office at 1043 Kittson Rd, East Selkirk

In response to residents' strong interest in having trash and recycling curbside pickup in the southern part of the RM, the RM of St.Clements has requested and received quotes for service from curbside pickup contractors.

This survey is for residents in the proposed curbside pickup service area (see map below).
To view a larger map click here.
Proposed curbside pickup area - RM of St. Clements

The RM has chosen the top curbside pickup options which are manual curbside pickup and automated curbside pickup.
Manual: has two workers - one driver and one person who manually empties the trash or recycling into the truck
Automated: has one worker, which is a driver. The truck has a robotic arm that picks up and empties specially-designed carts

We also have prices for the following additional services that are NOT part of the regular service available for an extra charge:
  • Regular compost pickup
  • Seasonal yard waste pickup
  • Once-a-year bulky item pickup
The RM would like feedback from residents of the proposed service area on the options below.
* A note about recycling: recycling does not have to be bagged or sorted for manual or automated pickup - it is put loosely in the container, thrown into the truck that way, and then sorted on conveyor belts at the recycling depot
Curbside Pickup Options
  Manual Curbside Pickup Automated Curbside Pickup
Cost per year $108 $105
Trash pickup frequency weekly weekly
Recycling pickup frequency weekly bi-weekly (every two weeks)
RM supplies container no yes
Resident supplies container
yes no
Trash allowed per week 3 bags Whatever fits in the cart
Size of trash container
3 bag limit with containers no larger than 125 litre (32 gallons) 240 litre (64 gallon) grey plastic cart with 12 inch wheels
Size of recycling container
To be decided 360 litre (95 gallon) blue plastic cart with 12 inch wheels
Survey closes on December 11, 2017

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* 1. Please enter your civic address (street address - number and name of road) so we can map your geographic location

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* 2. Choose which of the following curbside pickup options you would prefer:

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* 3. There are additional services available for an extra charge. Please select which of the following additional services you would like (choose all that apply:

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We will email ongoing news about curbside pickup to our email list as well as posting it on our website. If you would like to be added to our list, please add your contact information below. Even if you are already on our email list, please fill this out to be sure you are on our curbside pickup list.

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Thank you for completing our survey. Please share with your neighbours. We would like the opinion of as many residents in the proposed service area as possible! To share, copy and paste the following link into the body of an email or social media post: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/yourcurbside

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