Salem Township Public Library - New building input

1.How often do you use the library?
2.How long do you spend on a typical visit?
3.Why do you visit the library? (Choose all that apply.)
4.Which of these features would you like to see included in a new library? (Choose all that apply.)
5.What features would you like to see included in the Children's area? (Choose all that apply.)
6.If the new library featured a makerspace, which items do you think should be included? (Choose all that apply.)
7.If smaller group study/breakout rooms were included, what seating capacity would you choose?
8.Would you utilize a drive-thru window for picking up and returning materials if one was included at the new building?
9.Would you utilize self-checkout stations if they were offered?
10.Do you think an outdoor space for play, programming or seating should be included as part of the new building?
11.What changes would you like to see made to existing library hours? (Choose all that apply.)
12.Is there anything else you would like to suggest about a new library building? You can also use this area to comment on earlier questions where you have further suggestions.