Survey Information

The aim of this survey is to receive feedback from the local community about the extent to which you understand, feel informed about and are happy with the sustainability and responsibility practices of Kingspan Insulation.

Kingspan Insulation have been reporting on 14 key themes since 2004 with the aim to provide a comprehensive impression of sustainability and responsibility issues across their Pembridge and Sherburn-in-Elmet sites.

All questionnaires are anonymous and feedback received will be used to make improvements in communication.

* 1. Which Kingspan Insulation site do you live within 20 minutes of?

* 2. When you hear the word 'sustainability', what first comes to mind?

* 3. What sustainability work that Kingspan Insulation carries out are you aware of?

* 4. From the list below please pick three of the following focus points of Kingspan Insulation that you deem most important to you and your community.

* 5. Do you think that it is important to know what Kingspan Insulation is doing for sustainability?

* 6. Have you heard of the Kingspan Insulation Sustainability and Responsibility Report?

* 7. How well do you think Kingspan Insulation informs the local community about what it does for sustainability? 

* 8. Do you think, as an organisation, Kingspan Insulation is doing enough work in improving it's sustainability practices?

* 9. How would you like to be informed about Kingspan Insulation's sustainability work in the future?

* 10.
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If you have any further questions or comments please email: or phone: 01544 388601