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* 1. Are you satisfied with the level of communication between yourself and the members of your family living out of town?

* 2. If so, then how do you primarily communicate?

  never rarely sometimes frequently
text message (SMS)
instant message (AIM)
internet social network

* 3. If not, what is the primary barrier?

* 4. Do any of your immediate family members live in other states?

* 5. If so, do you use any social networking tools to keep in touch?

* 6. If the answer to the question above is no, then skip to the bottom and submit.

If you use a social networking service, which one do you use?

* 7. Please rate your social networking service by the qualities listed below
on a scale from 1 (low satisfaction) to 4 (complete satisfaction).

  1 2 3 4
ease of use
productive use of time
overall satisfaction

* 8. Is there anything you wish your service did that it currently does not or is there anything that your service does that you wish it didn't? Please list your suggestions here.

* 9. Do you seek advise on the internet for family issues such as:

  never rarely sometimes frequently
child care
home economics

* 10. Of your family members, how many are you connected to through your social networking service?

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 or more