The Ohio State University, North Carolina State University, Clemson University, University of Florida and University of Arizona in Cooperation with the USDA

* 1. Currently, four vegetable crops can be grafted reliably. These crops are cantaloupe/muskmelon, cucumber, tomato and watermelon. Please rate your experience level with the use of grafted plants of these fresh four market vegetable crops:

  no some moderate extensive

* 2. Please indicate your current or planned acreage of these four fresh market vegetable crops:

* 3. Please rate your level of interest in using grafted plants of these four fresh market vegetable crops:

  no some moderate high

* 4. How important are the statements below to your interest in the use of grafted vegetable plants?

  not somewhat moderate very
Someone I trust told me about them.
I have used them and they work.
I have read about them.
I have heard a presentation(s) about them.
I have seen them on a farm.
I have seen them in a research plot.
I can profit from producing grafted vegetable plants.

* 5. Ungrafted plants are currently the standard in open field and high tunnel vegetable production. To be used more often, grafted plants must be consistently superior to ungrafted plants in one or more ways. How important are the following reported, possible advantages of the use of grafted vegetable plants to you?

  not somewhat moderately very
Be less affected by some pathogens.
Be more vigorous.
Require wider spacing or lower populations.
Require less fertilizer
Require less irrigation.
Produce mature fruit at different times.
Produce higher quality, more marketable fruit.
Produce more marketable fruit within a season.
Require less maintenance.
Be effective when used in open field production.
Be effective when used in high tunnel production.
Perform well when grown conventionally.
Perform well when grown organically.

* 6. Vegetable farmers and others ask many questions about the preparation and use of grafted vegetable plants. Please type up to four questions that are most important to you below.

* 7. Research results can assist in decision making. How important are research results in the areas below to you in deciding to produce and/or use grafted vegetable plants?

  not somewhat moderately very
grafting techniques, including automation
rootstock development and testing
performance of many rootstock-scion combinations
grafted plant disease resistance/tolerance
grafted plant need for space
grafted plant need for water
grafted plant need for fertilizer
grafted plant tolerance to extreme temperatures
the quality of fruit from grafted plants
economics of using grafted versus ungrafted plants

* 8. Do you purchase or produce grafted vegetable plants? (Please check all that apply).

* 14. Which of the following best describes you? (Please check all that apply).

* 15. My current approach to and methods for vegetable farming include: (Please check all that apply).

* 16. My zip code is:

* 17. My contact information.

* 18. Thank-you for your input. It will assist in increasing the ability of farmers to make and use grafted vegetable plants more effectively.

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