Meeting #8 of the Energy and Climate Change Task Force (ECCTF) is focused on reviewing a DRAFT Energy and Climate Change Action Plan (ECCAP), and seeking ECCTF endorsement, for City staff to issue the DRAFT ECCAP for Public Comment in advance of consideration by the Alexandria City Council.

Updating the Action Plan will help the City respond to climate change impacts and environmental emergencies and align with the 2019 updated Environmental Action Plan 2040 (EAP2040) and build upon existing City energy, greenhouse gas reduction, and climate action efforts. The EAP2040's targets include reducing community-wide greenhouse gas emissions by 50% by 2030 and 80 to 100% by 2050, supported by significant state and federal contributions. The City’s update of the Energy and Climate Change Action Plan will leverage regional priority actions identified in the Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments (MWCOG) 2030 Climate and Energy Action Plan, as well as the climate action planning efforts underway or completed by the City’s regional and national peers.

Learn more about the Energy and Climate Change Action Plan update process here.

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