Course Overview
This module, developed for practicing professional school counselors, pre-service school counselors, and college access professionals, includes four sessions that address financial aid literacy, completing the FAFSA, and preparing college applications. Parents and students need assistance in navigating the complexities of financial aid and the college admission process. School counselors, in collaboration with principals, teachers, and college access professionals, can guide parents and students through these processes to increase student access to education after high school. This module focuses on how school counselors and college access professionals can support parents and students in navigating financial aid and successfully preparing for postsecondary admissions and applications.

The term “college” is used throughout this course to refer to any postsecondary education or training at a Pell-eligible educational institution beyond the high school level, including those that offer apprenticeship programs, certificates, and associate and/or bachelor degree programs.
Course Goals:
During this module, participants will:
  • prepare students from low-income households and students who would be the first in their family to enroll in a U.S. postsecondary institution for college application and success
  • help parents and students overcome barriers to college access and success
  • communicate the intricacies of financial aid, including terminology, to parents and students
  • assist students and their parents in completing the FAFSA
  • help parents and students understand the total cost of college as well as the variety of financial aid opportunities available to them
  • collaborate with administrators, teachers, and parents to prepare students for college admission tests
  • help eligible students apply for waivers for admissions tests and college application fees
  • help students to understand the college application process

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