Interstellar Center New Intern Application (IcNIA)

For all new students wishing to join our research group this summer (2018) and possibly beyond: Whether you have attended a group meeting yet or not, please everyone fill out this survey so that we can do our best to match new students with their projects of choice as well as available mentors. Thank you! Any questions, please email Dr. Jatila van der Veen at

* 1. Please enter your name, first and last:

* 2. Please tell us your major and year in school.

* 3. Please tell us your experience. Check all that apply, and add a short description in the Other box.

* 5. Please rank the top three projects you are interested in working on this summer, with #1 being the one you would most like to work on. See descriptions on our website,

* 6. Please enter your email address and cell phone number.