What is the Chaves County Health Council (CCHC)?

CCHC is a volunteer group who represent all residents in Chaves County. We meet at least once a month to communicate, network, collaborate, and implement approaches to improving and promoting the physical, mental, and social well-being of all people in Chaves County.
Who is a part of CCHC?

A CCHC Member is anyone who lives in Chaves County.  Our members and participants are representatives from dozens of health related and service related resources, such as social services, local and state government agencies, local coalitions, health care providers, educational institutions, youth organizations, hospitals, private businesses, and any concerned individual.  CCHC welcomes everyone to participate in improving our community.
Vision of the CCHC

CCHC believes that everyone has the right to live in a community where they feel safe, included, valued, and accepted.  CCHC members represent the diversity of Chaves County and work together to engage in efforts to strengthen our community.  CCHC wants to provide opportunities for educational venues, and activities to all of Chaves County residents, especially our veterans, disabled, displaced families.  CCHC promotes healthy living and activities for all area residents. 
Mission of the CCHC

CCHC aspires to become a viable alliance to strengthen and engage our community in creating opportunities for positive action that addresses the disparities specific to Chaves County.
What are the projects and priorities of the CCHC:

CCHC focuses on the issues specific to our county which are assessed through statistical reports, community assessments and forums.  We then prioritize the issues to implement a plan of action.  The work is completed via the various small working groups (sub-committees), monthly meetings, collaboration & teamwork.

Projects CCHC have participated in:

·       Community Health Fairs

·       Provide educational opportunities for youth

·       Assistance for community civic and/or other volunteer groups
What does Membership of the CCHC look like:

CCHC membership is open to anyone living in Chaves County.

CCHC decisions are made during the scheduled public health council and executive meetings.

CCHC membership roster is reviewed/every 2 years to ensure adequate community representation.

CCHC Executive Committee Officers are elected yearly in March with new officers assuming their positions in July.
What does CCHC member commit to:
  • complete membership application and give it to the Health Council Coordinator
  • attend meetings on a regular basis
  • provide information about the health and wellness of county residents in their sphere of influence and expertise
  • contribute knowledge, expertise, and data as needed for a community health profile.
  • serve on a sub-committee or ad-hoc committee
  • spend the required time supporting the vision and mission of the CCHC
How does the CCHC function:

CCHC members accept responsibility for membership by:
  • serve with no term limitations
  • attend each monthly CCHC meeting and serve on a sub-committee (or ad-hoc)
  • volunteer at no cost to CCHC (no reimbursement for expenses incurred because of your participation)
  • Decisions (see next section)
  • if this is not for you, you may resign with written notice to the CCHC Chairperson.
How does the CCHC make decisions:

As a CCHC member you have the right to make recommendations on actions taken up by the CCHC:
  • Decisions of the CCHC are made by Recommendation (listed in Section 6 of CCHC by-laws) after giving all an opportunity to participate in the discussion.
  • During discussion any council member has the right to request a formal voice opinion or secret ballot on any issue before the CCHC.
  • Funding and/or activity recommendations must have majority approval.
  • Final decision for recommendation of funding and/or activity will be completed during the following Executive Meeting.
  • Results of decision will be placed on record
Executive Board for the Chaves County Health Council

Valerie Lopez, Chairperson

Jennifer Smith, Vice-Chairperson

Tiffany Bailey-Armendariz, Secretary

Evangelina Guerrero, Treasurer

Dr. Michael Fraga, Board Member

Dan Jennings, Board Member

Rick Lamb, Board Member

Felica Juarez, Board Member

Kerry Moore, Director

Emily Gonzalez, CCHC CHW-BH Coordinator

CCHC 211 Coordinator

Danielle (Dani) Thompson, CCHC TwV Coordinator
Functions of the Executive Committee:
  • Monitor CCHC budget
  • Provide agenda for regular CCHC meetings
  • Ensure that the CCHC is operated as smoothly as possible
  • Hiring and evaluating any paid staff
  • If urgent/emergency, make decision for CCHC