1. All the single ladies (and those in relationships), put your hands up!

All anonymity will be ensured. We appreciate your involvement! Results will be published nationally.

* 1. Who are you? (Feel free to use an alias instead of your name!)

* 2. Why do you think so many men are still single?

* 3. Why are you still single?

* 4. When it comes to men, dating, sex and relationships, what is your biggest question, fear and gripe?

* 5. When it comes to men, you generally ...

* 6. The most important thing to you right now is ...

* 7. Most of the men you date are

* 8. IF you answered bad boys, do you think you are addicted to dating bad boys?

* 9. When it comes to casual sex you ...

* 10. Do you have a booty call buddy?

* 11. IF you have a booty call buddy, are they ...

* 12. Would you

  Yes No
Date someone outside your religion
Marry someone outside your religion

* 13. When do you normally sleep with a man?

* 14. If you don't "put out" on the third date, do you worry he'll dump you? Do guys expect it? Share your tales!

* 15. If you do sleep with a guy on the first date, do you worry that ...

* 16. If you sleep with a guy on the first date and he doesn't call you, do you generally find that it was because ...

* 17. How many women do you think it's acceptable for a man to have slept with?

* 18. How many men have YOU slept with?

* 19. what do you classify as him having too much baggage?

* 20. What turns you off about a man?

* 21. When it comes to being picked up in a bar...

* 22. When you go on a first date with a guy, what's on your mind?

* 23. Things men should never do on the first date

* 24. When it comes to paying on the first date

* 25. Reasons why you think a man didn't call you after a date

* 26. After a date, if a guy hasn't called, do you call or text him ...

* 27. When you start dating someone that you might be into... how many other people would you be dating at the same time?

* 28. How long after you've been dating would you ask a guy to be exclusive?

* 29. Living together

  Yes No
Should you live together before getting engaged / married?
Is it the woman's role to keep the household clean, tidy and cook?
Do you believe pre-nups are a necessity?

* 30. Cheating...

  Yes No
Have you ever cheated on someone?
Have you ever been cheated on?
Do you think it's ever acceptable for either sex to cheat?

* 31. Why do men cheat?

* 32. What do you define as cheating?

  That's fine with you You don't mind too much, as long as he's honest You might accept this if he apologises Unforgivable
Kissing but no sex
Flirting on the internet
Oral sex
Sex with a stranger
Paying for sex

* 33. Do you believe there is a man drought? Why do you think men are reluctant these days to settle down?

* 34. My idea of a perfect boyfriend would be ...

* 35. Have you ever or do you ...

  Yes No
Pickup men via Facebook
Dump a date via Facebook
Dump a date via text
Watch porn
Fantasize about having a threesome
Say "I love you" first to someone before they've said it to you
Dump a date via email
Lie about the number of men you've slept with
Have a threesome

* 36. Would you ever date ...

  Yes No
Your booty call buddy
Your boss
Someone you met online
A man that has slept with over 50 woman
A man that has slept with one of your friends
A man with a girlfriend
A married man

* 37. Which range includes your age?