* 1. Tell us how you were involved in the Big Gay Sing?

* 2. Given the nature of this event, were you given enough information to decide how you wanted to be involved ?

* 3. If you were a performer on stage or in the audience did you have enough support materials and rehearsals?

* 4. Was the Big Gay Sing what you expected?

* 5. Given your experience, would you do this again?

* 6. How effective are events like the Big Gay Sing in breaking down barriers of misconception about LGBT People?

* 7. Overall how satisfied with your involvement in the Big Gay Sing?

* 8. We would like to ask you about Fruitvox
Tick those that you agree with or answer "yes" to

* 9. If you want to add any comments, remarks, share any positive stories you heard from others or witnessed yourself about the Big Gay Sing or the work of Fruitvox or tell us anything else let please do?

* 10. Want to know more or how you can help?