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* 1. What is your comfort level when it comes to using technology to drive lessons and projects? (5 being the highest)

* 2. What is your knowledge level of Web 2.0 resources (5 being the highest)

* 3. What open source or Web 2.0 programs are you currently using or have used in the past?

* 4. How often do you use your smart board per week beyond projecting notes on to the board?

* 5. Beyond projecting your desktop screen and PowerPoints, how have you used your Smart board this year?

* 6. Are you familiar with using Google Docs? If yes, describe what you know or ways in which you have used Google Docs in the classroom.

* 7. What is your comfort level using Google Docs? (5 being the highest)

* 8. What types of technology would you like to use more of in your classroom? List 3

* 9. How would you use an instructional technology specialist in your classroom? Planning?

* 10. What kind of technology PD sessions would you like to see presented in August and throughout the school year? List 3