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Ancient Egypt and its people


Some of the questions below are positively worded, others are negatively worded.
On a scale 1 = strongly disagree/totally untrue and 6 = strongly agree/totally true,
please look at each of these statements and mark on the scale

  1 - strongly disagree 2 3 4 5 6 - strongly agree
I enjoyed the exhibition
The Ancient Egyptians were Africans
The Ancient Egyptians were the same as the people in Egypt today
The Ancient Egyptians were Black
The subject was relevant for Black History Month
The exhibition made me change some of my opinions

How would you describe the contents of this exhibition to someone?

Has the exhibition changed how you feel about the following?

  Not at all A little Don't know Quite a lot Very much
The people of Ancient Egypt
Egypt as part of Black History
Egypt as an African culture
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