A small team of local stakeholders are working hard to save Long Compton abattoir. We believe it is a viable business with an important role to play. Negotiations are underway and a farmer buy out, via a new private company limited by shares, is being considered.

The priority is to show that we can raise in excess of £3m, at pace. We are thus seeking expressions of interest from potential investors, big and small.

If successful we can then progress to the next stage of negotiation.

Consider investing and becoming a shareholder

Becoming a shareholder means investing in shares in the company.
Shareholders are the ultimate owners of the company and asset.  There may be a financial return (dividends) but this is not guaranteed.  For administration purposes we are currently suggesting a minimum investment of £1000 per share. 

Would you be interested in 1, 10, 100 or 1000 shares? All investment will be welcome!

We do not need your final commitment at this stage just an indication of what you might be willing to invest (pending final valuation of the asset and liabilities, estimates of potential returns, and refinement of the business model etc).

Please complete the expression of interest form below and submit it to us as soon as possible.

All expressions of interest will be treated as confidential information by the steering group at this stage.