Will you come to see our holiday production, This Wonderful Life?

SMP needs to know how comfortable you feel about seeing our upcoming holiday production inside the theater in late November-December. Please give us your input here so we can know how our audience feels at this time.

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* 1. Sierra Madre Playhouse plans to open This Wonderful Life (learn more about the show here!) in late-November-December inside the theater. We plan to require proof of COVID-19 vaccination, masking, and will ask the pertinent safety questions at the door. With these provisions in place, would you likely attend? (Click on the circle and slide it to express your preference.)

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i We adjusted the number you entered based on the slider’s scale.

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* 2. We want to know our audience's ideal price budget for seeing our show. Please select the regular ticket price option you would be most willing to pay to see our show (in respect to your age range).

Optional but helpful for us: Let us know your age range in the comments box!

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* 3. Any other comments?