Please complete the VCS' Employee Demographic Survey. Survey results are needed for a Federal grant report to The Department of Housing and Urban Development, which funds both the Residential Services' quality of life position (a.k.a. the activities coordinator) and improvements to VCS' administration building. Not reporting this data jeopardizes our ability to receive future grants.

We are also collecting data on how  you heard about the job, so we know which mediums are most effective.

Your demographic information will not be reported with your name attached or shared with anyone other than myself. (Names are needed to track who has responded to the survey. We also have to track the race and ethnicity of those who have been promoted, terminated, or voluntarily quit.)

You may decline to answer the questions on the survey, but must still complete the survey. The question, with exception of name, has a "decline to answer" button.

Click "next" to move through the survey until you see and click "done". If you have any questions please call or e-mail me.

Thank you!
Michelle Dietz, Development Executive
Village Community Services
Phone: 360-653-7752 ext. 14

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* 1. What is your first and last name?