1. Elementary Education and Student Teaching Evaluation

I felt that I:

* 1. understood and demonstrated meeting the Maine Initial Teaching Standards.

* 2. understand the state learning standards and how to develop lesson plans to address these standards.

* 3. was prepared to manage the classroom.

* 4. I felt that I demonstrated content knowledge and teaching methods in:

  Excellent Very Good Good Fair Poor
language arts
social studies

* 5. understood and addressed the students' social, psychological and psychology needs.

* 6. was prepared to use technology in the classroom.

* 7. was prepared to meet the needs of the exceptional child in the classroom.

* 8. was given the attention and coaching by my mentor teacher to be effective in the classroom.

* 9. was supported by the college supervising teacher.

* 10. understood and demonstrated various teaching styles in order to meet the needs of all learners.