Welcome to the R2C Registrar to Consultant Programme Survey

As a Speciality Registrar or Consultant in the UK NHS, thank you for participating in our survey. Your feedback is important.

Getting a consultant's post in the NHS in the UK is highly competitive. It is becoming increasingly difficult in the current economic climate as trusts are looking to reduce expenditure. The pressure on consultants to continuously innovate and deliver high quality services with fewer resources is an ever growing challenge.

A strong CV and relevant experience is a must. Competences such as interpersonal skills and team working are now absolutely essential. Current specialty training does not offer the opportunity to learn and develop skills needed to make the transition from trainee to consultant. Balancing the expectations of clinical vs., leadership & management skills can be difficult.

Please give us your thoughts on potential areas of self, person and team-development in the NHS as you transition to your consultant post. Or alternatively, please give us your thoughts as a consultant.

Thank you

The R2C Programme