Augusta School Department

The District Drop Out Prevention Committee is interested in your feedback as they look at school culture.
Please answer each question thoughtfully.

* 1. How many adults at school do you have a positive relationship with?

* 2. The adults address mean behaviors.

* 3. I feel welcomed and safe at school.

* 4. How many adults do you have at school that you can talk to if you have a concern?

* 5. The adults at school care about my views as a parent.

* 6. The adults recognize students who are kind and helpful.

* 7. My child(ren) have been recognized for something positive at school.

* 8. My child(ren) enjoy being at school.

* 9. I feel a sense of pride for the school my child(ren) attend.

* 10. I value the education my children receive in the Augusta School Department.

* 11. Comment(s) Optional: